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πŸ“š Materials/References:
Ultimate Web 3 Roadmap –
Ultimate Solidity CheatSheet –
Web Development Roadmap Video –

Web3 and blockchain have the potential to change the internet as we know it forever. You’re still early in catching the trend and building your first Solidity blockchain application, acquiring the skills to get a high-paying job, or creating your own web 3.0 projects that can make you money. The future of the web isn’t just coming; it’s here, and it’s growing fast.

Since the world of web 3 is entirely new, I’ve decided to provide you with the entire roadmap on how you can learn it, step by step. We will cover everything from the essential building blocks of blockchain to creating, testing, and deploying your Solidity smart contracts.

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00:00 Intro
03:07 Web 1 vs Web 2 vs Web 3
08:03 Step 1
09:10 Step 2
11:26 Step 3
14:05 Step 4
15:51 Step 5
16:30 Step 6
18:37 Step 7
20:18 Step 8
21:20 Step 9
21:58 The End