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Two renowned funds have come forward and are taking the first steps to invest in cryptocurrency. The first fund ready to move into crypto is that of George Soros. The man who legendarily ‘broke the bank of England’ was a skeptic of cryptocurrency but now, has had a change of heart. As reported by Bloomberg, Soro’s fund manager, Adam Fisher, received the nod to invest in cryptocurrency. Fisher, who oversees the macro investment of Soros Fund Management and who moves $26bn from his headquarters in New York, has obtained internal permission to start trading with virtual currencies. Soros has made previous exposure to the crypto market, albeit indirectly. His fund acquired a large share in ‘Overstock.com’ at the end of 2017, thus becoming the third owner of the e-commerce company. This company became the first retailer to accept digital tokens as a means of payment in August last year, as well as plans to launch a cryptocurrency stock market that can operate within the platform.

The second well-known fund ready to get into crypto is The Rockefeller Fund. In April, the Rockefellers entered a cooperation agreement with the CoinFund company that is dedicated to investments in cryptocurrencies. Venrock, the family’s official venture capital arm, was the one who carried out the operation, and whose partner, David Pakman, called it a “long-term investment”. To double down on their “long-term investment” view, Rockefeller International Chairman Ruchir Sharma shared his belief that Bitcoin will bounce back. In an interview with CoinDesk TV, Sharma explained that the excess needed to get weeded out and that we should have a long-term view.
Rockefeller Chairman Thinks Bitcoin is Just a Matter of Time | Rumors of Middle Eastern Adoption

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