Hey everyone! In this video you will learn all there is to know about blockchain domains and how to get your own .crypto domain! Get yours here: http://bit.ly/get-a-crypto-domain

Not only that, but you will also learn about:
– Why blockchain domains are useful for you
– How they will change the way we share files now
– How to host files on the IPFS

This video is all thanks to Unstoppable Domains who I team up with in order to show you how it all works with the help of their platform.

Useful links for this video:
– Unstopppable Domains: http://bit.ly/get-a-crypto-domain

– Feature guide to setting up a domain: unstoppabledomains.com/features
– Get the Unstoppable Extension to view your site: unstoppabledomains.com/extension
– Email support@unstoppabledomains.com if you run into any issues

To view pacman.crypto, please use a Chromium-based extension to view these decentralized websites as they are not fully supported natively by browsers yet. (So ahead of the curve!)

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