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boys club is on the pod today! deana burke and natasha hoskins join us at eth denver. hours before the boys threw one of the hardest to get into parties at the conference.

in this episode , we discuss the value in keeping a community small, the challenges of a running a social dao, and building a brand in this industry.

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0:00 Intro With Cash App
01:39 What is Boys Club
6:15 Why They Haven’t Raised Money
9:42 The Most Exclusive Party In Denver
10:59 It’s Apparel, Not Merch
11:46 Growing Community Slowly
15:59 What a Boys Club Party Is Like
19:10 Feeling Like A Fish Out Of Water
24:05 Choosing The Right Conferences
25:39 What Makes Boys Club Unique
28:14 The Zine
31:27 The Future Of Boys Club
40:38 Wen Token?
41:47 DAO Challenges
46:08 Is Boys Club Branding For Sale?
49:00 Awkward Money Questions