Explore BREAKING NFT News about OpenSea, Top NFT Projects (Azuki NFTs, The Parallax NFTs, Goblin Town NFTs, Johnny Depp NFTs)

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0:00 BREAKING NFT News & NFTs to Buy NOW | Azuki BACK, The Parallax NFT Project, Goblin Town NFTs BULLISH
0:13 Goblin Town NFT x NFT Market Update
3:53 The Parallax NFT AMA
4:30 Azuki NFT x NFT NYC
5:16 NFT News: OpenSea Insider Trading
7:29 Kanye West NFT – Yeezus NFT Trademark
9:24 Johnny Depp NFT

We’ll cover the NFT Market Update and NFT News about the Hyped NFT Project Goblin Town NFTs. Next, we’ll look at Azuki NFTs party at NFT NYC event to see whether Beanz NFTs or Azuki NFT holders can participate. After that, we’ll look at the NFT news about OpenSea Insider Trading. Next, we’ll cover Yeezus NFT Trademark, which could lead to an upcoming NFT drop of Kanye West NFT. Finally, we’ll look at the NFT news about Johnny Depp NFTs.

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