This video covers the ENTIRE process on how to build a crypto website using Unstoppable Domains, MetaMask, and Pinata!
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::: Required ::::
1. Domain Name:
2. MetaMask:
3. Pinata Account:

::: Helpful to Have :::
1. Brave Browser:
2. Website template used:

At the time of this video, the Brave browser (for desktop and Android devices) is the only way to natively view your website in the browser. Yes, you can install different browser extensions in order to view your website in Chrome or Firefox but why not download a free browser that actually pays you to use it? Check out my video here to learn how you can earn cryptocurrency just from using it:

If the above website template link doesn’t work anymore, you can use the steps in the video to upload any type of HTML template. Using the template I used is not required. Do a Google search for “free html template” and find the template that works best for you or build your own 🙂

The links above are necessary in order to build your first .crypto website. Without a domain from Unstoppable Domains, you won’t be able to complete these steps! Get your new domain name today:

Currently, over 700,000 domains have been registered so if I were you, I’d sign up today and get my domain name now. The longer you wait, the more likely your preferred domain won’t be available. Get your domain name today:

MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps. It provides the secure connection between our domain name and the Ethereum blockchain.
What is MetaMask:
Download MetaMask:
MetaMask Security:

The template presented in this video is a free HTML template I found after doing a Google search. While it’s not required to know HTML or even use this template, the idea behind my video is to show you the steps needed to upload content. Using a free HTML template helps avoid having to learn HTML overnight.

I chose to use a website called Pinata to store my website’s files. Instead of using Unstoppable Domains’ process for uploading content, I chose to use Pinata instead. It made uploading content so much easier than figuring out the other method.

0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – Website Template Used
0:50 – Required Steps
2:47 – Installing MetaMask
5:21 – Domain from Unstoppable Domains
9:48 – Using Pinata
13:42 – Linking Website to Unstoppable Domains
15:38 – Viewing Live Website
16:54 – Conclusion


Not financial, legal, or tax advice! Treat this channel as entertainment purposes only. Everything mentioned in this video is my opinion and I’m not an expert or financial planner. Please do your own research. All products listed are ones I personally use and my opinion has not been bought by any of these companies. If you click and purchase anything from them, I may get a small commission. Thanks!!