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When you know the technical details of what NFTs are you realise that the way most people talk about them is completely wrong!

Find out ALL the legal details in Devin’s brilliant video over on LegalEagle:

Here’s Line Goes Up by Folding Ideas:

Benji The Bear artwork can be found here:

Here’s 3Blue1Brown’s video explaining cryptocurrency:

You can also discuss this video on REDDIT:

00:00 Intro – NFTs aren’t want people say they are
01:05 Cryptocurrency explained
02:55 What non-fungible means
05:41 The Ethereum blockchain makes NFTs possible
06:55 NFTs are made on the Ethereum blockchain
07:11 NFTs as tickets for an event – a hypothetical real world use case
09:31 Buying NFTs without trust
11:17 What NFT art actually is
19:16 Maybe NFTs aren’t stupid
20:50 LegalEagle tells me not to do something stupid
24:15 NFT collectables – CryptoPunks
25:05 Support digital artists by buying their NFTs
27:26 Sponsor message

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