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Unstoppable domains will be launching their decentralized .crypto websites which will have free unlimited web hosting. The features are similar to a private domain registration but far more beneficial because you now completely own the domain without having to go through 3rd parties such as godaddy. Unstoppable domains is by far the best place to buy a domian not only because its affordable but this is indeed a new digital asset class that is rapidly on the rise. However you need to act now because people are buying out these blockchain domain names and reselling them in secondary markets.What is domain privacy ? Business owners are valuing website privacy today more than ever before and some prefer to utlize a FREE VPS service or a virtual private server but with these methods you still do not own the domain infrastructure and your website can still be shut down by your service provider. This is where anonymous domain registration or a website using blockcahin technology can help with security,anonymity and censorship.You can buy your decentralized domain with bitcoin or credit card hurry because it may be affordable now but as time goes by the price will increase just like most asset classes!

Secure Your Unstoppable Domain Before I Do

What exactly is a unstoppable domain ?
As the name suggests “unstoppable” its a domain that is backed by blockchain technology this will allow the owner of these blockchain websites to have full control and ownership of the domain. its unstoppable because once an application in this case a website is coded onto any blokchain network it stays there forever and could never be taken down. This is great for people who value freedom of speech , anonymity and censorship.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this video is solely for educational purposes. I am not a financial advisor nor do i claim to be one i am only a cryptocurrency and decentralized fanatic who truly believes that blockhain tech and the decentralized ecosystem and applications thats resides within it, will truly change the world. This is why i make these videos, so please do your own home work when investing,trading or looking at any crypto related videos on YouTube! Thank You and be safe out there! #UnstoppableDomains #.Crypto #.Zil #unstoppableDomains #blockchainDomains #TheCryptoLifestyle