In this video, I am going to talk about Crypto Marketing trends for 2022 and beyond! Learn more about the freshest ideas and amazing tactics you can do in the world of Web3. Know what platforms to maximize and why throwing an event will take a spot this year!

Chapter Markers

00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Redefining Web 3
00:37 – The marketing in the world of Web 3
01:04 – Web 2 still work/ We are still in Web 2
02:05 – Promoring NFT
02:55 – Define the people you are looking for
03:25 – Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse is a great platform
04:16 – Events will take a spot
04:59 – Influencer marketing will work forever!
05:21 – Joining groups in different messaging apps!
05:50 – Check out this amazing tactic for engagements!
07:15 – Owning audience
07:48 – Outro

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