DigitalFUTURES Talks | NFT Architecture
4 February@ 10 am EST/4 pm CET/11 pm China

NFT in architecture, unique constructions, and designs created and marketed by inventors. NFTs certified by the blockchain. With the help of metadata, all the information related to the maker can be found out. What is the future of architectural NFTs on virtual platforms? Did NFTs crash with the crypto market? Why does NFT art have value? What is the future of NFTs? Will NFTs last? How Could an Architect create their own NFT?

Guest speaker: Theo Dounas @ar_lav

– Rachel Wolfe / Snowmarkets
– Kenichi Kabeya / Messherence
– Leila Mohammadzali / Qastic Design – Build
– Di Camillo Francesco / Aureal

Moderator(s): Anas Muhammad & Gustavo Rincon