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The content creator previously became the target of a backlash from fans and followers for promoting a variety of different blockchain games both while streaming and on social media, many accusing the streamer of promoting a product which they believed was harmful to the environment and could exacerbate wealth inequality in the gaming community. This caused the content creator to put some distance between himself and the technology, at least for a while. Dr Disrespect recently posted about the topic on Twitter, calling blockchain games the way of the future.

“Imagine trying to ‘extract’ with an item you discovered worth $100,000 on the chain,” Dr Disrespect said on Twitter. “Think about entertainment value as a viewer let alone a player.” The content creator went on to say that a “new PvP experience is upon us.” Dr Disrespect later explained how “the concept of digital collectibles in an online game is so exciting to me. Especially an extraction type of game. People saying ‘scam’ and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead headline followers. Same people that spend a ton on skins for an annual release game. Same skins everyone has, too.”