This is the easiest way to create an NFT and sell it for profit in 2022!

In this video, I will show you the step-by-step process of the easiest way to create an NFT and sell it in 2022. This is a complete guide for beginners on how to list NFTs on Opensea and connect with Metamask to sell your NFT. Enjoy and let’s make some money!

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Step 1: Select a Marketplace
01:30 – Step 2: KEY Things To Know
02:44 – Step 3: Create a Crypto NFT Wallet
04:05 – Step 4: Connect your Wallet
04:44 – Step 5: Design your NFT
05:38 – Step 6: Create your NFT
06:29 – Step 7: Sell your NFT
06:55 – NFT Marketing
07:16 – Final Thoughts
07:29 – Bless The Hustle

1. Select a Market Place:

2. Few Key things: Usually services like Opensea will charge you a 2.5% fee when the item does sell also known as Crypto Gas Fees which are transaction fees
– Onetime fees: Account initialization fee (can cost between $50 -$300)

Step 3: Create a Wallet:
– This is where your crypto Currency will be held
– Coinbase and Metamask are the most popular wallets
– Remember to use an autogenerated password and to store it somewhere safe or in your password manager

Step 4: Connect your Metamask Wallet to Opensea

Step 5: Design your NFT
– You can create a single NFT or Create a Collection like Bored Apes or Crypto Punks
– In OpenSea, you go to your profile pic, My collection, and create one which will be listed on the blockchain

Step 6: Create your NFT and list it on the Ethereum blockchain

Step 7: Sell your NFT
– Set a price to sell in Ethereum and you’re set to go.

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