In this special episode of EPNS presents Web3 Ki Duniya, Kashif & Pranav have a candid discussion with Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder, Polygon – MATIC about all the latest developments with Polygon and the way forward.

00:09 – Intro
08:59 – Building Web3 for India
14:01 – How secure is Polygon’s Bridge?
16:24 – Discussing Cosmos & Polygon Supernet
22:21 – On dYdX
24:21 – Acquiring Technology Vs. Building a Technology
30:00 – Difference between EVM Compatible & EVM Equivalence
37:50 – zk-STARK & zk-SNARK
42:17 – ETH Merge’s Progress
44:41 – Difference between Ethereum and Polygon after all the steps of ‘The Merge’.
48:41 – Will Ethereum be more centralized after switching to POS?
50:30 – What happens to miners/investors after the switch of Ethereum to POS?
54:26 – DDoS Attacks on Blockchains. Is Polygon centralized?
1:01:20 – On Tornado Cash’s Sanction
1:05:37 – Outro

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