The Metaverse is on its way and with it a whole new online economy. The new virtual worlds of the “walk-in internet’ will see people making money in ways that were never possible before. In this edition of DW Business Beyond we explore all the ways that businesses will profit from the metaverse: be it through building virtual realities, making the hardware, or selling virtual assets like clothing and real estate. See how cutting-edge avatars are made, learn more about China’s own version of the metaverse, and find out how long it’s all going to take to happen.


00:00 Introduction

01:22 What is the Metaverse?

04:15 Metaverse products & digital assets

05:20 Avatars 1 – how they’re made

07:15 Metaverse real estate

08:20 NFTs & blockchain

09:20 Interoperability

10:10 Services in the Metaverse

11:29 Avatars 2 – how businesses can use them

13:29 Meta’s metaverse drive

15:04 Metaverse hardware

15:53 ‘Chinaverse’ – China’s metaverse

18:53 When will it happen?

20:35 Goodbye


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