Sudoswap AMM could change the way we trade NFTs forever.

In this video I go over the recent rise of Sudoswap and the innovations that they’re bringing to the table, including ways for people to create liquidity pool, set up buying strategies with custom price settings, and receive instant offers on NFTs that they own.

I’ll also touch on the most controversial part of the platform’s growing popularity – specifically their decision to ignore creator royalties, and what that might mean for the industry going forward.

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0:00 start here
0:33 Sudoswap history
0:55 Sudo AMM’s innovative features
3:52 liquidity pools (IMPORTANT)
4:58 big change 1
6:25 big change 2
7:03 big change 3
7:39 big change 4
8:58 new business model?
9:50 how fast this will all happen