We learn exactly how web3 / blockchain / smart contract applications work in the front end using HTML and Javascript. We then go through 6 different ways you can connect your Metamask, Phantom, or other blockchain wallet address to your front end. We’ll look at popular Nextjs / React packages to make your development lifecycle 100 times easier.

πŸ’» Code: https://github.com/PatrickAlphaC/full-stack-web3-metamask-connectors
✍️ Article: https://betterprogramming.pub/everything-you-need-to-know-about-fullstack-web3-94c0f1b18019?sk=a2764bcbdae98bf05e1052931de77982
NextJS: https://nextjs.org/

0:00 | Introduction
0:59 | Disclaimer
1:29 | What’s going on in the front end with wallets
6:57 | Coding Setup / Intro
9:01 | “Raw” HTML & Javascript
30:38 | NextJS & Ethers
44:48 | NextJS & Web3-React
55:10 | NextJS & Moralis
1:02:20 | NextJS & Web3Modal
1:07:45 | NextJS & useDapp
1:09:45 | 100k subs update…
1:10:13 | Outro

Check out these articles to learn about some of these tools and start your journey as a smart contract engineer!

πŸ“•How to Become a Blockchain Engineer: https://betterprogramming.pub/how-to-become-a-blockchain-engineer-fa4386a0504f
✍️Top 10 Resources, Tutorials, and Follows: https://dev.to/patrickalphac/top-10-smart-contract-solidity-developer-learning-resources-46db


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