Is your child venturing into the Metaverse – and could they be getting into dangerous situations?

Talking Point host Munah Bagharib goes undercover as a 13-year-old in the popular chat room, VR Chat. Though there is an age limit of 18, it isn’t enforced in this chat room, so she encountered avatars of other users claiming to be aged 10 and 14. She definitely didn’t expect to witness explicit sexual acts between avatars. She was even followed by a stranger she had just met.

A cybersecurity expert warns about how the metaverse could be a hunting ground for paedophiles, and about the possible lasting damage to children who, say, might have their avatars groped online – the experience can feel as real as if it had happened in real life, she says.

00:00 I enter a chatroom for 18 and above
01:30 I meet a 10-year-old (or so she claims)
01:56 I’m followed by a stranger
03:25 Dangers & need for regulation?

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