How To Launch An Unstoppable Website On IPFS In Under 3 Minutes!


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IPFS is what BitTorrent is to music and video sharing, but for websites or other datasets. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is essentially a network protocol and a peer-to-peer network to “share data” and for blockchain domains this is normally regarded as websites.

Why do we need to share websites when uploading them to our web server or web host already does that for us? The http(s) protocol we are familiar with has many weaknesses:

– Littered with broken links
– Slow and inefficient
– Suffers with ISP outages
– Some content is censored by central authorities
– Poor security

With http(s) when you access websites like Unstoppable Domains you normally retrieve the page layout and data from a single location. This is because the http(s) protocol uses location based addressing compared with the content based addressing of IPFS.

With the IPFS protocol and peer-to-peer network small parts of your website, in 256kb chunks, are stored on nodes spread across the globe. A cryptographic hash is computed for your website and this hash is used when someone wants to view your website. At this point the 256kb chunks are retrieved simultaneously from numerous nearby nodes making it much more efficient than http(s).

As your website is stored in chunks on nodes it means it can never be taken down on the whim of a central authority or be unavailable due to an outage at a data center.