Unstoppable Domains vs Handshake Lawsuit

So it has escalated – the launch of Handshake’s .wallet domain sales (that TLD which was in existence on Handshake a year+ before Unstoppable created theirs out of thin air) – has escalated to a lawsuit being filed by Unstoppable Domains company.

Keep in mind – it is a company vs a blockchain.

Well – it is a company to a company – it is Unstoppable Domains vs Gateway Registrar.


So that’s discuss this – as it is important – it is an entire company Unstoppable Domains, Inc (check the footer of their website), a private, venture capital funded company registered in America, suing 1 single registrar company privately owned that is selling domains on a HNS blockchain TLD.

Which sounds more Unstoppable to you?

So now, let’s discuss the case:

As we have been discussing – when our friend for years, Scott, the owner and investor and true owner of the .wallet on the decentralized internet – finally decided to launch .wallet even though his dApp is not ready – he had owned it for 2 years. He went with Gateway the registrar as he wanted to get things rolling and use these domains as usernames on the app he is working on – plus support Gateway after the Namebase/Gateway fiasco months prior.

And it was quite the launch!

So it has gone down the path expected with Unstoppable Domains showing they will take legal actions to try to stop and try to protect their “out of thin air” created TLDs.

Just a fun fact – many more Handshake TLD owners that have conflicting TLDs with Unstoppable’s are planning to launch soon too.

And they may not launch on Gateway. They may launch on Namecheap, they may launch on a forked’ ENS domain platform like Forever Domains has, who knows.

This is the beauty of decentralized communities and networks – and Handshake in general.

But we see Unstoppable’s baseless lawsuit as a last ditch effort to try to scare Gateway and the Handshake community at large from launching sales on TLDs they paid for fair and square on the HNS blockchain – again – before Unstoppable whipped up their extensions out of thin air.

The lawsuit is claiming UD (Unstoppable Domains) owns a trademark on .wallet – but it has been rejected multiple times by the USPTO and yes – UD is still trying to respond to convince USPTO they can own either .wallet or the word wallet in the domain space.

Seems hard to fathom. But how can you place a lawsuit to enforce a trademark you do not yet have ownership approved for by the USPTO? My time as an Amazon seller proves differently – but maybe UD knows something I don’t know?

Another point in the lawsuit – they are requesting a jury trial – not a judge trial. Not sure why, but some of us think it is because they know they would lose against a judge and are hoping they can find a jury who would support their case.

They state in the lawsuit they have sold $5 million USD worth of .wallet domains (nice job on facebook and tiktok ads!) and that they have users and spent so much money on marketing, and were the first to market. But why does that matter?

In our opinion in various discord, telegram, twitter chats of this global, decentralized community of Handshake supporters and directors – we think it is a last ditch effort by Unstoppable Domains to try to intimidate or scare Gateway into giving in. Or it is just putting up a fight to show its investors and customers it is trying something. Or maybe it is hoping Gateway doesn’t show up in court and that means Unstoppable Domains will automatically win (?). Or maybe it thinks Gateway and the Handshake community at large doesn’t have the funds to fight the case and it can use its treasure chest of VC funds and high margin domain sales to squeeze out Gateway.

So many in the community at Handshake are thinking we need to organize as a group. To pool funds together and to help Gateway to fight this. We have seen many influential leaders stepping up as well – and will keep you posted on how this progresses.

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A lawsuit has been “filed”. There’s nothing official about a filed lawsuit other than its “status”. NOW is the time to consider all angles and possibilities. This includes any narrative or outcome that would serve the plaintiff(s) or defendant(s).