Discover HUGE NFT Projects News from Moonbirds NFTs, Doodles NFTs, Porsche NFT, and other NFT news.

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00:00 Intro
0:12 NFT Market Update
0:45 Ghost Boy Lives
2:18 Porsche NFTs
4:01 6529 NFT
5:51 Moonbirds NFT Kevin Rose HACKED
6:47 Doodles NFT Dooplicator

In this video, we’ll cover today’s top NFT news and updates about best upcoming NFT projects. First, we’ll cover the NFT market update and crypto news. Then we’ll cover Ghost Boy lives, Porsche NFTs, 6529 NFTs, and The MemeCards. After that, we’ll talk about NFT news around Moonbirds NFT founder Kevin Rose getting hacked. Finally, we’ll give you updates on Doodles NFTs and their Doodles Dooplicator NFT.

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