Over the weekend Solana Spaces hosted an event attended by major brands including IKEA, Dior, Chanel, Aldi, and McDonald’s to showcase the power of web3 and Solana’s NFTs. The presentation barely scratches the surface of what it possible when it comes to McDonald’s popular loyalty app and the gamification of their infamous happy meals. Here’s how McDonald’s can take their struggling web2 and supercharge it into web3; a case study…

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00:00 intro
00:28 Sponsor: Gala Games
01:22 Solana Spaces Retail Event
04:51 Solana Burger NFT Demo
05:40 McDonald’s Metaverse Patents
06:22 New VR Experience + Spatial
07:33 McDonald’s McRib NFT
08:35 Happy Meal Skeptics
09:33 Adult Happy Meals Success
10:58 In-Store Traffic Exploded
11:48 Adult Happy Meal Merch Sold Out
12:24 Happy Meal App
13:10 McPlay Mini-Games
14:04 Phygital Collectibles
14:50 Cryptoys Unboxings
16:11 NFT Digital Revenue Streams
16:46 Young-Adult Avatars
17:46 Loyalty Program Performance
18:54 Web2 to Web3 Leap Forward
19:50 outro

#NFT #Metaverse #solana
~McDonald’s NFT Happy Meals | Web3 Case Study + Solana~
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