On this episode, we’re rounding up the latest news in Metaverse & NFT Gaming. Apple is under fire for their standard 30% transaction fees for all transactions, a mechanism that many NFT firms argue is unreasonable and simply not feasible for their existence in the store. We’re also taking a look at our favorite Metaverse Tokens to watch while breaking down sentiment data. Meanwhile, Meta (Quest VR) has been making some groundbreaking tech leaps in VR with a major showcase due at Meta Connect in October, which may fuel a massive metaverse rally again.

Guest: Jonny
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00:00 intro
00:30 Gala Games sponsor
01:02 Hustlepedia
02:03 Apple 30% NFT Fees
09:25 Zilliqa Game Console
14:24 NFTs To Watch
22:36 Meta VR Full Body Tracking
26:54 NFL VR
28:58 Meta October
30:00 Polygon MATIC
32:00 Andrew’s Basic Portfolio
33:36 Render Token RNDR
35:51 Sandbox SAND
39:40 Axie Infinity AXS
41:26 Jonny’s Top Token Pick
44:13 Veve OMI Token
46:32 Audience Poll
48:09 Q&A
55:55 outro

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~Metaverse Tokens To Buy vs. $META Stock | News Roundup w/ @Hustlepedia ~
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