Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company that connects Web2 to Web3 through the use of blockchain domains. Using an Unstoppable Domain allows you to create a blockchain-connected web address similar to a URL. Rather than logging into websites using Google (GMail) or social media accounts, you can login using your own personally-controlled identity. Unstoppable currently has over 900+ partners including Ready Player Me avatars and Polygon.

Guest: Sandy Carter – Chief Operating Officer & Head of Business Development, Unstoppable
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00:00 intro
00:28 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
01:41 Unstoppable Unicorn
02:42 Top Web3 Company
03:20 Digital Identity
05:29 User Data Control
07:08 Creators Lead The Metaverse
10:30 Unstoppable Growth
14:09 Polygon $MATIC
15:55 Payments
17:29 Partner Growth
19:25 Business Solutions
22:13 Ready Player Me
24:44 A.I. Features
27:28 QR Code Business Cards
28:27 Major Brands
31:24 EtherMail
33:08 ERC-4337
35:08 Roadmap
37:27 Women in Web3
42:15 outro

#crypto #Metaverse #NFT
~Must-Have Web3 Identity | Unstoppable Domains interview with Sandy Carter~
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