The talk is about how do I think we will get over the crypto winter, and what the big winners in web3 will look like: Instead of only offering rails to transact, trade and invest in a decentralized manner using underlying value that originates from centralized incumbents, they will be disrupting these incumbents in the building of the underlying value from scratch, from origination. Users will become validators, products will become tools to communicate among these validators and stake value out of real world assets, and currency will become the result of an efficient and secure communication among these validators, leveraging AI. In other words, users will become builders and not just investors and speculators.

Before attending MIT I was an investor myself. I worked at a Softbank spinoff for some time focused on growth stage emerging markets and then started doing my own funds/SPVs to invest in crypto companies, and recently joined Valor Capital Group, the biggest crypto VC in Latin America. But I joined Valor with the mission of developing frameworks to distinguish the best crypto opportunities before they are even raising capital, and help developers build through a new Entrepreneur In Residence program. The current market crash in crypto and the way CeFi is crumbling down is showing and opening gap for the Next Gen of Web 3 companies, which will bring the product creation to the user. Examples: Helium, Open Forest Protocol, and Sustainable Bitcoin Standard (companies I have interacted with deeply and can use as examples). I am also currently building something as the first Entrepreneur in residence of the program myself, which I would love to share if we have time at the end. “Andrew is a US-born, Argentina-raised Angel Investor, Engineer and advisor specialized in Fintech, DeFi and Web3 applications, also MBA student at MIT very involved with the Blockchain initiatives and the Media Lab, and he is Argentine Ambassador to the Global Blockchain Business Council member of the Effective Altruism Club founded by Sam Bankman Fried here at MIT.

He is currently building the Entrepreneur in residence program at Valor Capital Group, one of the biggest if not the biggest VC in Latin America, with a big crypto practice with a portfolio that includes Coinbase, Celo, Circle, BlockFi, Strike and Lemon Cash.
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