In this episode, Pio, Nick, and Kix discuss all of the degen mints, some of the comparisons between Ethereum and Solana NFTs, and Nick does a deep dive into some of the in-person events that we’ve seen at different NFT conferences thus far. We even get a look at what we might expect at NFT.NYC this year, including some analysis of a club-style NFTs.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Market Analysis
4:34 ShitBeast
6:08 Art vs Utility & Solana
10:07 ill poop it nft
11:50 Murakami Flowers Airdrop
17:22 How to Navigate the Market
22:32 Local Weather & Flyfish Club
31:00 Tokyo Token
31:55 Akumu Dragonz
35:42 Outro

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