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A big market is brewing here. Celebrities are paying fortunes to get in on the hype and this has helped breed an industry of thousands of freelancers who make a living building NFTs or teaching how to buy NFTs.

The problem for both is that this market is built on a shaky foundation. Prices and interest can drop overnight and it can be very hard to tell what is real or purely market manipulation. Is it possible to trust this market? Why is fraud getting more common? And what is the real value of NFTs?

Until two years ago, if you told someone you’re an artist, they’d probably ask you “okay.. and what do you do for a living?”. Well, things kind of changed. NFT Artists, NFT Investing, NFT flipping, it’s all taking over.

How to buy NFTs
NFT flipping
OpenSea tutorial
NFT investing
What are NFTs

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