We’ve all heard about the Metaverse, but what actually is it? And what does it mean for gamers? We spoke to tech journalist Will Smith, Second Life creator Philip Rosedale and The Washington Post’s Gene Park to get their thoughts on what this new frontier could mean for video games. Sponsored by Alienware.

What is the metaverse? Will the metaverse change gaming and why is everyone interested in it now? Since Facebook changed its name to Meta the concept of the metaverse has been increasingly widespread and discussed. Now video game developers and publishers are announcing new ways the metaverse can be integrated into video games. Gamers are increasingly wary of new schemes that benefit big businesses but not gamers. Microtransactions and battle passes have made gamers sceptical about new ways of playing video games, metaverse, nft integration and crypto currencies only add to their concerns. We discuss what the metaverse could mean for gamers and whether the metaverse will be good, if the metaverse is already here and will the metaverse be the future of gaming.

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