NFTs are entering a new phase and there’s a good chance we’ll see the next big collection emerge soon.

After a year of 10k profile pic meta (doodles, cool cats, azuki, bayc, cyberkongz, clone-x) we’re starting to see a new meta emerge. Creators finally feel free to explore and experiment with different marketing strategies and on-chain mechanics, and as a result we’re seeing a ton of novel projects that are defining a new path.

In this video I go over some recent examples of experimental NFTs that I like, and why things are about to get MUCH crazier in the coming months as a result of open source development.

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0:52 NFTs are going through a massive change
2:40 the homebrew era
3:08 trend #1
4:10 trend #2
6:04 a controversial project
7:29 why things are going to get crazier
8:56 NFT’s superpower