Metaverse. Nvidia’s Omniverse. Mark Zuckerberg. Web 3.0
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Facebook, now Meta, is a little bit like the Death Star: huge, sometimes scary, and built on a dangerous miscalculation that may lead to its own end.

When Facebook decided to become Meta, they bet big that the metaverse was likely to be the next big thing. Or maybe the only big thing. And they’re probably right about that. Only there’s a good chance it won’t be their metaverse that comes out the winner in this battle.

But who will? I think it might be someone you hadn’t thought of…or maybe even heard of. Enter the Omniverse.

A lot of the biggest companies in tech have done open-source projects and shared standards, but some are more desperate for control than others. And we think one company is especially interesting. Nvidia is referring to what they do as the Omniverse, and what they are doing differently is based on addressing three major metaverse/web 3.0 challenges…

Nvidia Omniverse
Web 3.0

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