Unstoppable co-founders Matthew Gould and Brad Kam answer all your questions about where Unstoppable is headed in 2021.


0:00 – Intro
1:20 – Why did you choose GROWTH as your theme for this year?
2:10 – More about the new feature App Store
2:50 – What sort of talent is Unstoppable looking for
3:35 – Will we see native browser support this year?
3:47 – Would you say progress for .zil support is further behind than you expected at this stage?
4:15 – You previously stated we would be able to add our own images for the domain, was that shelved?
4:40 – How long do you think it will be before the secondary market for domains takes off?
5:25 – What do you think the biggest driving force will be to increasing adoption? A killer website? Too much censorship/taking of users’ data on the traditional web?
6:42 – I have a friend who is involved with a particular wallet, can he contact you via the Submit Application form to get your tech integrated into the wallet?
6:57 – Will we see more marketing in 2021 and if so what form will this take as we didn’t see much last year?
7:45 – Is unstoppable reaching out to household-name businesses to adopt blockchain domains and if not, why?
9:05 – When do you expect to release your next major feature for the domains and are you able to give some insight into what it will be?
9:35 – Are you able to say what the developers have been working on over the last 6 months?
10:15 – When will Blockchain Domains be able to accept multiple keys?
11:10 – With IPFS integration into the Brave browser, what do you see happening in 2021 for .crypto adoption?
12:03 – Are there any plans on accepting partnerships for domain extension registering? What is the current process?
12:15 – Can you speak to implementing a whitelist/blacklist for .crypto addresses?
13:12 – Any news on Cloudflare and a DNS bridge so that .crypto domains appear in Google search results?
13:25 – Does UD have any plans for pushing the secondary market with OpenSea or other well-established marketplaces like Sedo?
15:05 – Will we have options for leasing out domains this year and how will that work?
15:38 – When will big wallets & exchanges like blockchain.info, Ledger, Trezor, Binance be implemented so actual users can really use these human-readable addresses?
16:17 – How long do you think it’ll take for google chrome, explorer, etc to allow crypto domains to be opened directly on the browsers?
17:20 – Why have you not used Twitter to contact/tag the projects you want to work with?
17:53 – It seems like you guys have stopped developing new products and growing – why’s that?
18:40 – Why isn’t there any mention of Web3 on your website, and why aren’t you tagging Web3 companies on Twitter?
19:12 – You have a good product – why aren’t you broadcasting it more?
19:36 – Can you create a separate Telegram/Discord community for new Unstoppable users vs early adopters?
20:10 – Can you create a communication channel for users to send ideas and suggestions directly to the product team instead of through community managers?

Check out the original blog post: https://medium.com/unstoppabledomains/the-decentralized-web-in-2021-ac1378cedc3a

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