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If you are thinking about investing into unstoppable domains decentralized blockchain websites YOU MUST LOOK AT THIS UNSTOPPABLE DOMAIN REVIEW VIDEO FIRST! I break down in great detail Co-Founder Brad Kam’s love for his top affiliate sales man crypto zombie. The Co Founder of unstoppable domains put his sales men needs first and his customers are secondary.Some of you may be think that unstoppable domain is a cryptocurrency when in fact this is part of a new emerging asset class which tokenizes domains. Unstoppable domains will also have a google chrome extension which will make the .crypto domains and .zill searchable on google’s search engine! This blockchain domain service acts similar to a VPS or a virtual private server but it is better if you are looking for anonymity, privacy and complete ownership of your domain name IF YOU CAN GET IT OUT of the www.unstoppabledomains.com centralized website. Another cool feature is unstoppable domains will have letters in their crypto depositing addresses, this means you can now send and receive crypto currencies with a human readable name such as sendme.crypto or ilovebitcoin.zil or cryptozombie.crypto

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this video is solely for educational purposes. I am not a financial advisor nor do i claim to be one i am only a cryptocurrency and decentralized fanatic who truly believes that blockhain tech and the decentralized ecosystem and applications thats resides within it, will truly change the world. This is why i make these videos, so please do your own home work when investing,trading or looking at any crypto related videos on YouTube! Thank You and be safe out there! #UntrustableDomains #UnstoppableDomainsExposed