Sending crypto can be stressful. 😰

This is a big part of the work my partner’s Unstoppable Domains are doing with their blockchain domains like .crypto, .x, .wallet, etc – so that you can more easily send someone money.

For example – mine might be girl gone.crypto – which is a lot easier to double-check than a long alphanumeric address. So kind of like how PayPal and Venmo usernames make it easy to send US dollars to your friends instead of sending bank account numbers – that’s what they’ve been working to build at Unstoppable Domains – and they actually just took a HUGE step towards that with their new partnership with Circle! 

Circle is the principal operator of USDC – which is a dollar digital currency that is pegged to the dollar with over 25 billion dollars in circulation – and with this partnership, users will now be able to send USDC in addition to the 200+ other coins and tokens they support with a .coin username or any other Unstoppable Domains instead of a complicated wallet address.  

So how do you get your own .crypto domain? It’s really easy, you can just head to to look for available domains. The prices start around $40 depending on the character length and of course on the domain itself with no annual renewal fees. Once you have your crypto domain, it’s minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain – giving you full ownership and control for life. 

This is a really powerful partnership and I’m excited to see how this helps to accelerate the adoption of decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions.

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