Blockchain domains are now emerging as NFT’s. Right now, you can get a .crypto or .zil address that you own out right. Get your .com domains here:

An NFT domain is tied to a specific blockchain instead of the DNS system. That means if you can get a .crypto address, it will be unique and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. The advantage of NFT domains are many. As they are not part of the DNS system, you can actually own them outright instead of leasing them from a ICANN certified domain registrar. That means no renewal fees.

You can currently use Unstoppable Domains as a personalized payment gateway for crypto currency. Simply claim your domain name and setup your wallet addresses on the backend. As blockchain hosting eventually emerges, you’ll eventually be able to create a blockchain based website.

The downsides? As you own your domain name, if you lose access to your wallet you will lose your domain. Also, a blockchain project can fail so if your domain is tied to that chain, it’s gone.


► Get your blockchain domains here:

► Get your DNS domains here:

► 10 Best domain registrars:

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