Definitely a never ending saga in the ever-evolving land of web3 blockchain domains.

Today we are getting some “closure” on the question many in Handshake have asked:

Why did Unstoppable Domains stop selling .coin domain names ?

We noticed shortly after their latest VC round of fundraising, the .coin domain extension of the UD system of issuing TLDs was no longer available. In the Unstoppable Discord, we were shown screenshots of customers asking and the UD community management team saying “stay tuned” with no official announcements.

From one of our favorite twitter people – ape.c:

UD team talking badly about Handshake and decentralization in general

This tweet from a UD staff had me furious

Mago.crypto doesnt know what decentralization is

Matt.crypto hoping HNS goes to zero

Brantly.eth doesn’t recognize HNS

Well – The Mystery of the .coin domain extension of Unstoppable Is Answered
They have canceled their .coin domains.

Their tweet here:

And their blog post here:

They have stopped, yes – unstoppable domains stopped – the validness of the .coin domain names.

This is earth shattering too the entire business model of blockchain domains.

Isn’t it?

Or this is totally normal for a blockchain based, web3 domain name system to cancel and refund domains?

“You Can Still Keep Your Word NFT on the Blockchain”
So Unstoppable says “but you can still own the words you paid us for on the Ethereum blockchain or wherever you minted.