Domain Name Wire .com has been a great source for the latest updates on the .wallet battle on Handshake vs Unstoppable. We at SkyInclude wanted to wait to have more updates before making this latest video update – but think it is a good time to update everyone.

Some of his articles link here:

Handshake registrar system appears to shut down in face of Unstoppable Domains’ lawsuit


Update: Unstoppable Domains sues over Handshake .wallet domain

There was a consultation call late last week with Scott the .wallet/ owner on Handshake, James the owner of Gateway, and a lawyer recommended by Tom at Encirca. Seems the lawsuit brought by Unstoppable is, stoppable, but it will cost money to defend.

Scott wrote this letter to the community in pdf form, screenshot below:

Which got Chjango’s attention

And Gateway decided to cease sales of new Handshake domains due to non payment (believe this is unrelated to the lawsuit, but maybe all of this was “the straw the broke the camel’s back” as the saying goes)

## Web2 tactics in Web3
The lawyers are who wins. To defend a case, which is baseless, will costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees?

We know many of you are wondering about your Gateway domain names, both .wallet as well as any other domain in the account. We also many premium ones in there that we at Skyinclude care about very much. We did have an affiliate link but never received payment on that either.

## Lost The Battle But Who Will Win The War?
Not going to lie, this is not a fun day for the Handshake community. We are scrappy bootstrappers and that is what attracted me to the community in the first place.

Yet we do feel kicked, and even kicked when we were already somewhat down.

There are many decentralized domain solutions coming up now. And we believe long term HNS is the superior solution to run the internet.

How can anyone want a privately funded company to run the future of the internet? I mean who supports that, really?