The .wallet Legal Road Ahead? Saga on Handshake and Unstoppable Domains

So it’s been a few days now since .wallet debuted on July fourth – and a lot has happened. A lot of Unstoppable Domains customers are upset as their domain names they invested in are now going to have this clear overlap.
I also got a tweet highlighting that Unstoppable Domains has a pending trademark on many of the TLDs
But I have read that their trademark case did not go through successfully:

Unstoppable domains files trademark applications for .NFT, .Doge and others

To me it is “State” (government) vs “Network” (blockchain) and will get very interesting, read “Network State” book that just came out:

Following the HNS Fund discord – The Gateway registry had a call with Unstoppable Domains CEO and the UD company is asking him to stop sales of the .wallet domain. Seems that is not going to happen.

Maybe the opposite will happen – other HNS TLD owners of other overlapping TLDS of UD may start to release their TLD for domain registrations. Moree people in the decentralized Handshake community will pile on to market and promote these names, myself included.

To us, it is not about the money, it is the principle.

It is the centralized authority of a USA VC funded company trying to be the ICANN of web3 versus a blockchain based network of TLDs that are owned by the people.

What if UD starts to issue more TLDs out of thin air that conflicts with TLDs that I have invested in and built?

HNS .wallet was out year+ before UD’s – and I am 99.9% sure the UD executives knew about this. I am so sure because they are now reaching out to various people in the Handshake / domain industry. Many in the domain industry were involved in Handshake early on and I believe these conversations with UD happened behind the scenes quite a bit.

For comparison – here is UD compared to HNS (a bit dated, but still helpful for key points)

UD to Sue The Blockchain? It will Not Be taken Down
So if UD sues any entity in HNS community (again, HNS is a decentralized blockchain, they need to sue a registry, registrar, TLD owner, someone specifically) – what can happen anyway?

It is a web2 case (UD’s trademarks) versus a web 3 / crypto network case.

And if UD wins, it will be a sad, sad day. It will mean they are the new ICANN of web3. And we all need to follow the UNS (I saw this mentioned in one of the Unstoppable Discord messages) – so we all need to bow down and serve a centralized company’s decision of what TLDs, etc.

It simply cannot win.

Even if it wins – there is the internet. There is decentralized web.

I’ll argue this one as much as I can. As a director of Handshake. As a decentralized community vs a centralized VC funded Silcon Valley company who thinks they can do whatever they want on web3.

Just the beginning – .nft / .x and more Handshake TLD preparing to launch
More are preparing to release.

Handshake’s .nft was sold for 84,000 USD in Feb 2021 – well before UD issued theirs out of thin air:

Handshake’s .x was sold in an online event in late 2021 as well, which was already on the blockchain well before Unstoppable Domains issues their baseless .x.

What if UD issues .s too? Or others on their “thin air” rootless system?
Namecheap bought .s for 750,000 USD from our Flamingo Handshake auctions in March 2022

Namecheap bought a Handshake domain for $750k

Why did they wait to start selling SLD domain names?
Many of these TLD owners were waiting for a better dSLD issuing solution. We can talk to them on this very Skyinclude Youtube, and maybe we will. We know all the owners.