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Unlike Web 2.0 applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc, Web 3.0 architecture eliminates the middle man. There’s no centralized database that stores the application state, and there’s no centralized web server where the backend logic resides. Instead, you can leverage web3 blockchain to build apps on a decentralized state machine that’s maintained by anonymous nodes on the internet. Sounds interesting? This video will help you understand what is web3 architecture and what are the key skills needed for web3 development by explaining the web 3.0 tech stack.

Video Walkthrough
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Web1 vs Web2 vs Web3 Explained
1:03 Foundation of Web 3.0 Development
2:03 Composability Example
3:05 Web2 Architecture for Beginners
3:54 Web3 Architecture for Beginners
4:59 Web3 Tech Stack Explained
5:11 Skills Needed for Web3 Development
6:15 Blockchain Node
7:04 P2P Database
8:03 Decentralized File Storage
8:47 Authentication in Web3
10:51 Implementing the Web3 Frontend
11:45 Web3 Libraries & Development Tools

Web3Auth Documentation

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