What is Web 3.0? This video gives a good overview of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will remake the internet. Including: Decentralized domain name registry, decentralized cloud data storage, and smart contract platforms.

00:00 – What is Web 3.0?
01:09 – Web 1
01:37 – Web 2
02:16 – How Web 3 works
02:47 – Decentralized Domain Name Registry
03:32 – Handshake Crypto
03:52 – Decentralized Cloud Data Storage
04:31 – Siacoin crypto
04:53 – Arweave
05:26 – Smart Contract Platform
06:20 – Summary of Web 3

Domain name registry is how websites are found on the internet. However right now this task is centralized to a few key players like ICANN. Using the Handshake crypto, users can buy and sell domain names in an auction.

With decentralized cloud data storage, users can use cryptocurrency to host their files. With Siacoin crypto, the hosts put up collateral and duplicates are made. With Arweave, it creates a permanent record because data is stored directly on the blockchain.

A smart contract platform is how Web 3 does computer processing. Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cardano are all examples of smart contract platforms. Dfinity is a combination of a decentralized cloud with a smart contract platform.

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