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Welcome to our Web3 Social Networking Video!

MetaPlayerOne is a Metaverse Sandbox and Web3 Social Network for DAOs driven by DAO Metaplayer.

MetaPlayerOne.app (MP1) is a decentralized networking platform specially designed for the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) to manage community, support new meta projects, and develop metaverses.
Meta Worlds Building Engine – MetaSnadbox is a special tool of MP1 – every profile can launch its own presence in virtual reality, build Metaverses or create its own serverless MetaSpace or MetaStore for commercial purposes.
Users of MP1 can easily connect already existing Meta Projects to the Profile on the Platform,
MetaSkynet is an extension of the HUB Portal (Activity Page) for the advanced data analytics of MetaUniverse, it is available only by specific utility tokens or to the “Shard Crystal” NFT holders or “Crystal of Power” NFT holders.
In the worlds of MetaPlayerOne “Shard Crystal” NFT holders can upgrade Assets of Meta like equipment or weapons and “Crystal of Power” NFT holders can mint Heroes of Meta – real characters and combat avatars of MP1 Meta Worlds.
All Crystals belong to community and will be fully minted by community, the project will be fully decentralized and governed by the Crystal of Power Holders. Each of 5 Crystals of Power generates a custom token which can be used for a specific service of the Platform by redemption of MetaUnits via staking to the contract.
MetaUnit (MEU) Token is a common asset for the Metaplayerone Worlds.

Metaplayerone is shaping new experience of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations – DAO to create and manage virtual reality projects, communities, social networks, DAO to DAO relations in the web, real life and metaverse.
Biggest value proposition of Metaplayerone: One engine for DAOs to create, rule, monetize metaverse and social networks.
Mission: Bring Metaverse under governance of DAOs. Connect leaders to web3 and convert into DAO nature.
MetaPlayerOne is a sandbox, empowering us,
To setup a web3 profile for DAO members,
Build own metaverses and share experience with the others
Quickly build games without programming skills
Create own DAO, do social networking navigated by DAOs, manage sales, drops, allocations, collaborations, promotions.
Support and promote new meta projects.
Addressing the pain points:
MetaPlayerOne – a powerful web tool to accelerate decentralized networking communications. Evrything is navigated by proof of token hold.
Treating modern DAO requirements to manage a decentralized community, make easy interaction between DAOs and new projects.


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