What is a blockchain domain?

A domain asset on a blockchain.

What are the use cases of blockchain domains?

Blockchain domains have two unique use cases:

1. Replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names

Right now paying someone is like this – ask for their cryptocurrency address, they go into their wallet and copy an address, they paste it into an email, send to you, you open the email, copy/paste the address into your wallet, and pay.

2. Enable censorship resistant websites.

Blockchain domains can be used to build censorship resistant websites. Traditional domain assets are stored on your behalf by custodians like Godaddy and Google Domains. But a blockchain domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet and controlled by you so no company or court order can take it.

Starter guide: https://community.unstoppabledomains.com/t/blockchain-domains-starter-guide-what-are-blockchain-domains/109

How to purchase a domain, claim a domain and add cryptocurrency addresses to a domain:

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