👁‍🗨 What is an NFT? How do I buy one? Why would I want to buy a digital file that I can just copy in a second? Is it just another bubble?

👉 Buy an NFTs here:
– Gemini’s Nifty Gateway: https://bit.ly/2YqDfxp
– OpenSea: https://bit.ly/3kg93N6
– Rarible: https://bit.ly/3bTLx48
– SuperRare: https://bit.ly/3D4uPuY

– MetaMask Wallet for buying NFTs: https://bit.ly/3mVpIY2

Today’s topic is NFTs, here is what we will cover in the video:
0:50 Fungibility Explained
1:41 What is a Non-Fungible Token?
1:49 Fun Fact!
2:07 NFTs Explained
3:43 NFT Creation
4:51 NFT Characteristics
5:07 NFT Examples
6:01 Buying an NFT
7:10 Selling NFTs
7:42 NFT Uses
9:29 Are NFTs just a bubble?
9:57 Summary

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