Guess who’s “the talk of the town”? Web 3.0, it is! 🤩

Web 3.0 is here to change the internet into a decentralized network, where users are in control of their data. 🎮

Meaning? It’s emerging as a new wave 🌊 of technology that promises to fix many of the problems with the web 2.0 that we use today and puts you in control.

Web3 promises to be more transparent and secure, as well as more efficient and scalable. The next step in the evolution of the web, and how it could change the digital landscape forever.💱

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0:55 How Web3 Will Change The Digital Economy
2:17 Quick Snippet Of Web3
4:45 The World Of Metaverse

This video cuts through the hype and talks about how “web3,” actually works, and outlines specific things that you should be aware of if you are looking at investing in, launching, or participating in a dApp that’s built on top of web3. 💸

In the end, as always this video is not any sort of investment advice. Before investing into crypto or any other asset class, we encourage you to Do Your Own Research #DYOR 🔎

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