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Welcome to our What Is Web3 Video!

Metable, the evolution of Education
Metable is the first decentralized virtual world that has revolutionized the education industry, thanks to web 3.0 and blockchain technologies.

The first “learn to earn” Metaverse

6 ways to earn on Metable
Study, socialize, teach, play, do business and invest.

Learn to Earn
You can study in an immersive way and learn with less effort, you can zero the cost of studying and earn based on the time you spend studying, but also based on the results you get in the exercises.

Teach to Earn
You can create courses and schools without having to pay high commissions to brokerage platforms, because Metable is totally decentralized and your courses will increase the economic value of your school.

Invest to Earn
You can buy Land and earn from the capital gains from the sale, from the profits of the structures built on your Land and from the rental of Land and structures. As in the real world, you can invest and do business.

Rent to Earn
You can rent your Land and the structures built on it and earn your periodic income as a Metaverse real estate developer. All without the obstacles of bureaucracy, excess costs, taxes and stress.

Play to Earn
Metable is fun too!
You can participate in the Quiz Games and earn tokens that you can reinvest in Metable to find work or to start a business.

Stake & Vote to Earn
You can earn tokens when you participate in the voting of the DAO (the governing body of Metable). You can vote on all the changes and initiatives proposed in the Metaverse and as a reward you can receive tokens.

More value, more opportunities
Metable rewards you: the more value you create, the more opportunities you will have. The more tokens you earn, the more tokens you can invest to find your dream job.

With Metable you can also promote yourself to companies from all over the world who are looking for staff.
You have the opportunity to partecipate in Job Recruitment events, take part in interviews, appear in company searches or self-sponsor in Metavers search engine!

Do business in the metaverse
In Metable you can create value for the community in many ways: you can buy Land and make it available to anyone who wants to create a business; you can also create educational structures above your Land.

Furthermore, you can create courses, events, meetings; you can train your staff; you can organize or participate in virtual Job Days; you can create all kinds of NFTs.

Metable is meritocratic because it is based on blockchain: the value you create for the community comes back to you in the form of various rewards and earnings.


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