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Finally the video you have been waiting for in this video i will clearly describe why my Cryptozombie.crypto blockchain domain is valuable. As you may know or may not know Brad Kam also known as the Co-Founder of unstoppable domains which is a blockcahin start up situated in San Francisco has offered my 5 bitcoins plus $2000 in cash and a premium domain of my choice in exchange for this decentralized domain.Is the Decentralized web coming ?Well there are both .crypto and .zil domains available .crypto operates on the Ethereum network and .zil domains operate on the zilliqa network, this is a decentralized domain or blockchain service unlike traditional domains which are centralized or scammy websites such as hugedomains, you 100% own and control these tokenized domains once yuo have claimed them and withdrawn it to your meta mask wallet. In future videos i will be showing you how to sell a decentralized domain,how to flip domain names,how to find profitable domains,how to buy domain names and sell for a profit,how to sell on opensea and who knows you may see this channel convert into solely selling domain names in 2020!

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