Collectors are going crazy for ENS NFTs right now, with some spending as much as 300 ETH for a single 3 digit address. Can this last?

In this video I go over the bull and bear case for ENS NFTs, why they seem to be pumping all of the sudden, and whether collectors are prepared to hold these NFTs long enough for the bet to be worth it.

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0:00 start here
1:39 how Page Howe made millions
3:52 ENS 101
4:50 the BULL CASE for ENS
6:41 passive income from your ENS?
7:12 hype train: 3 digits and 4 digits
8:56 the RISKS
9:37 how long this bet will take
12:17 my thoughts

tags: BAYC, cryptopunks, azuki, doodles, crypto